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Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags

Fox Creek Leather Saddlebags

Sportster, DynaLow, Fatboy, Large Straight, and Large Slant

Materials & Craftsmanship


Under the saddlebag flap.

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Our saddlebags have a hard ABS plastic backing with a stiff plastic insert to ensure that they hold their shape when empty. The bags are made from 5oz top grain cowhide and the outer buckle down covering is reinforced with an extra layer of suede. All zippers are YKK and all seams are stitched with heavy duty nylon thread.

Inside & Pockets


Inside the saddlebag flap.

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The outer zipper is protected by a full weather flap, which is further protected by the outer buckle down covering. An outer pocket is located on the face of the bag beneath the buckle down cover. The interior of the bag features a large zippered pocket and two open pockets. Interior pocket is not available on Throwover Saddlebags.

Attaching & Fit


Rear view of our saddlebags.

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The yoke of the bag is adjustable to fit well under or over the seat. Strap loops made from polypropylene webbing are sewn into the the back of each bag. Ties are included to anchor the webbing directly to the bike's frame. If you want to see how our bags fit on bikes or how people have mounted their bags, check out our Bags on Bikes page. If you are unsure about what bags will fit your bike, we have a fit guide on most saddlebag pages but you can always take the dimensions and compare that to the space available on your bike (adding clearance).

American Made

All of our saddlebags are Made in the USA. Bags can be returned within 30 days as long as they are in brand new condition. We will not accept bags that have been used or have any damage due to improper installation. If holes have been made on the back of the bag to install brackets we will not take them back as a refund or an exchange.

No-yoke Saddlebags


Saddlebag with no yoke attached with brackets.

If you plan on mounting your saddlebags using brackets or bolts on you bike's frame, you may want to consider purchasing a pair with no yoke. The yoke is the strip of leather that normally goes over your bike and connects the two bags. All saddlebag styles (except our Throwover Saddlebags) are available without a yoke.

Easy Brackets® are the perfect solution to add quick release mounting to your saddlebags.

Zip-off with Handles


Zip-off yoke handle.

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All saddlebags (except our Throwover Saddlebags) are also available in a zip-off with handles option. With this option your bags can be zipped off your bike and conveniently carried. In the picture to the right the zipper is located behind the handle where the yoke connects to the bag.