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Elkskin Gauntlets

5 Stars 21 product reviews
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Product Description

  • Made from 100% elkskin leather
  • Gauntlet covers jacket cuffs for maximum weather protection
  • Made in USA
  • Designed for both Men and Women

International Orders Only: Wildlife leather products including deerskin, buffalo and elkskin for delivery outside the USA will incur additional handling charges of $15 and a delay of about 1 month due to Export Handling mandated by US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

Our Elkskin Gauntlets offer superior abrasion resistance yet remain soft and supple allowing excellent freedom of movement. The 3.5-3.8 oz. (1.4-1.5mm thick) elkskin make these leather gloves the thickest and toughest motorcycle gloves we offer. The Elkskin Gauntlets extend over your motorcycle jacket cuffs for maximum protection from the weather.

Like all of our deerskin gloves, our Elkskin Gauntlets are made in the USA.

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This Item is NOT cover under our Lifetime Guarantee.

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*$15 Extra Handling for International Orders*
Free shipping to USA. Usually ships within 24 hours.
made in the usa:

Product Reviews

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  1. There is no comparison! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 26th 2013

    I bought these to replace my previous gauntlet gloves from another manufacturer after they were ruined in an accident last Fall. My previous gauntlets were lined. These perform just like my lined gauntlets did even though they are unlined because of the thicker leather they are fabricated from. Do not let the price keep you from purchasing them, they are worth every penny! Soft and very thick leather. I am going to purchase the lined gauntlets for sure and see if they will replace my clumsy heated gloves for those cold morning spring and fall rides here in Minnesota!

  2. Best Gloves EVER! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 30th 2011

    I am a medieval martial arts practitioner and I have to say, these are the best gloves I have ever found for fencing and general sword practice! Extremely comfortable and absolutely no break-in time required. They came very supple and soft, but don't let that comfort fool you. These gloves can take a beating and come back strong. They afford the wearer an excellent grip and they don't make my hands sweat nearly as much as some thinner gloves that I have tried in the past.
    Very well done and I will certainly be recommending these to everyone I know!

  3. GREAT gloves! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 2nd 2011

    These are one of the best, if not the best, pair of unlined gauntlet riding gloves I have seen. TOP QUALITY leather, heavy but very comfortable. The size chart was exact for me. The cut of the gauntlet is as it should be, wide enough to fit and cover your cuff, but not so wide to flap in the breeze.

  4. Elkskin Gauntlets 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 7th 2011

    Been more than tired of buying cheap,low grade,imports. I treasure these gloves. The material and craftsmanship is second to none. Hands up or darn gloves I've ever owned.
    I rarely if ever write anything about the stuff I buy. Having owned these gloves for several months and a couple thousand miles. I can honestly tell you, right outta the pack they're ready to go. Good smell, color did not run from riding in the rain or shrink. Best of all, No more cold arm pits!!!
    Can't think of any better way to tell ya..Fox Creek leather makes a fantastic glove...I will be buying the short version for the summer.

  5. Elk Skin Gauntlets - Really a "tweener" 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 3rd 2010

    The elk skin gauntlets are thick but supple and allow that control feel we riders need when the weather turns cool. The gauntlet openings are generous and extend well up the forearm, ensuring you'll have none of those cold air leaks we get with inferior equipment. These gloves have been touted on several of the motorcycle forums I've read as "a great cold weather glove", but my experience is that statement is an overreach.
    These gauntlets are more of an "in between" summer glove and your serious (insulated/heated) cold weather riding glove. Don't get me wrong, they work great down to about 40 degrees for dry, short rides with your hands getting cool but not cold. If the temps dip lower than that --or you'll be doing extended riding, then you will definitely be looking for some glove liners to go underneath. I chose a size larger than I typically wear to accommodate my Gerbing heated glove liners, and this has proven a potent combination for those sub-20 degree rides.
    Fox Creek is a wonderful company to do business with. Their customer service sets the standard for all others to be measured, and their product line has no peer. You can spend more money, but you certainly won't get a better product than what Fox Creek provides.

  6. Worth every penny 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 8th 2010

    If you have ever ridden with the temperature below 30 degrees, I ride 26.5 miles each way every day, then you know what bulky waterproof gloves do to handling, braking, and clutching. These gloves keep you warm and you can feel the controls. You only have to pull them on once to realize that you don't have to cinch down the glove to keep it on your hand. Save yourself $100 and buy these thick, warm, elk skin gloves and enjoy the ride.

  7. Best welding gloves I've ever owned 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 3rd 2010

    I bought a pair of these a couple of years ago, and now have probably 30,000 miles on 'em. They stand up. Fact is, these are the softest, most supple welding gloves I've ever worn.
    I found sizing to be a problem though. I had to buy the Extra Extra Large size even though the sizing chart said I should wear a medium. The reason? Finger length.
    The fingers were so short on the medium and large sizes that when I gripped the handlebars, the ends of my fingers hurt. So I sent 'em back and got the larger size, twice.
    The XXL size is so baggy I can almost get both hands in one glove but the fingers are long enough. This isn't such a bad thing because the extra room accommodates a nice thick wool glove liner that makes the set the warmest winter gloves I've ever owned. By the way, Fox Creek is the easiest internet business I've EVER dealt with about returns.
    Great service, guys.

  8. Best Dang Gloves Ever Made! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 2nd 2009

    I recently ordered a pair of deerskin gauntlets from Fox Creek Leather Co., and as nice as the gloves were, they didn't fit as snug as I wanted. I asked to return them and upgrade to a pair of mediums in elkskin, as they were sold out of deerskins in my size. They even sent me the new ones on the honor system, before I returned the first pair. Within a couple weeks, I was wearing the new medium elkskin gauntlet gloves on my club's scooter ride from Camarillo to Ojai. It was a long journey, and the gloves performed excellently. Although the deerskin ones were Thinsulate-lined, these were not. They didn't need to be. The thick, supple leather keeps my hands from getting too cold. The classic understated gauntlet design looks the-part with my classic scooter. When people ask me about the gloves, I proudly tell them they are hand made from elkskin by the Fox Creek Leather Company right here in the USA. These gloves are the highest quality and most comfortable and durable gloves ever! I hope Fox Creek is around when these wear out, because I will be back for another pair just like these ones. They are worth every penny of the $60 I paid. Thank you Fox Creek Leather Company; I will be a loyal customer for life.
    ~ScooterGooch (Ventura County Ventures Scooter Crew, founding member)

  9. Outstanding gloves! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 28th 2008

    We ordered these gloves just a few days ago, not knowing what to expect. We are extremely impressed with the quality and fit of these gloves. The sizing chart is right on the money, so use it! Thank you Fox Creek Leather!

  10. Now THESE are what a gauntlet SHOULD be!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Feb 28th 2008

    Picked up some HD "gauntlets" last year when I bought my bike in March. For those of you that know New England weather in spring time, one minute it's 60-70 degrees, the next it's 30 and lower so weather is crazy. First issue I had with the HD gauntlets, not very thick, hands got cold quick and the opening at the end of the glove wasn't big enough or long enough to go over my jacket sleeve. Isn't that the whole point behind a gauntlet?? I dealt with it until recently and decided to poke around the web. A couple of the members on a Sportster forum pointed me to Fox Creek and I couldn't be happier. As bulky as these bad boys look, they're soft, but very thick. I went for a quick spin on the bike to see how they'd perform and they didn't disappoint. Fit right over my jacket sleeve with room to spare and with liners under them, blocked a lot of the cold. Great buy and would highly suggest them. So well built, you'll feel like you can punch through a wall (though I wouldn't suggest it).
    If all of Fox Creek's products are as good as the Elkskin gauntlet , I'm sold for life!! Great work folks!

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