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DeerTours Motorcycle Gloves

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International Orders Only: Wildlife leather products including deerskin, buffalo and elkskin for delivery outside the USA will incur additional handling charges of $15 and a delay of about 1 month due to Export Handling mandated by US Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

The Men's DeerTours Motorcycle Gloves are one of our best selling motorcycle gloves.

Designed by a professional motorcycle rider, these motorcycle gloves are an ecstatic marriage of form and function. You can feel what you are doing - dig in your pocket for keys and change or adjust a carburetor.

Anyone who has gone down palm first will appreciate the extra padding that in no way limits your dexterity.

Every time I put these motorcycle gloves on there is always a brief moment of appreciation... Grateful that someone took the time to design and make something this nice. I flex my fingers inside the soft leather and a little voice inside me says, "It's not too late to be a contender on the racing circuit."


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  1. Great 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 22nd 2008

    I've had mine for a few months now, and they feel great. Before I had these gloves, I couldn't even wear gloves.
    The less expensive gloves made by Fox Creek lack the wrist velcro, so I chose these.

  2. Fox Creek Leather does it again! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 6th 2007

    I just got my latest but not last order from FCL. Black DeerTours in XL. Once again I am TOTALLY satisfied. It is obvious that FCL will not stock or sell anything that they would not be proud to put their name on. The gloves fit great, look good and without a doubt would be handy in a crash. So far I have purchased: Vented Racing Jacket, Buffalo Nickel Braided Vest, Fancy Vest Extenders, Small Trucker Wallet with Chain. Heavy Duty Windshield Bag. "The Belt" and the Perforated Gel Fingerless Gloves. I have been 100% satisfied with them all with the exception of the Fingerless Gloves. I had issues with the stitching on them. All-In-All I will not shop anywhere else. If I need it and FCL does not carry it I will wait until they do or simply do without.

    Thanks Fox Creek Leather. You do business the way business should be done!!

  3. Best gloves I've tried! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Mar 31st 2007

    I bought the Tan Deer Tours, and have worn them for just over 2,000 miles in mild to warm weather, here in Oklahoma.
    I really love the feel of the gloves and my hands stay fairly cool even in warm ( 80deg F ) weather.
    Very comfortable and I really like the velcro strap. Worth every penny in my book!

  4. Deer Tour Gloves 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 7th 2006

    I have had my Deer Tours now for 1 full riding season and I must say they are wonderful. The fit and feel are better than any glove I have tried on. They are great looking, top quality gloves and I can literally feel the controls of my motorcycle with them on. Great looks, great protection, great product - you will NOT be disappointed with these gloves.

  5. DeerTours Gloves 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 31st 2006

    I really could not have appreciated the quality and feel of my new gloves without putting them to work. They are fantastic, and you can immediately tell the difference between quality and economy. My physician is a bike rider and he highly recommends gloves at all times (he has picked out his share of asphalt in the ER). I would also highly recommend the DeerTours and plan to always have a pair on hand! Fox Creek is the best at price, guarantee, and service. Thanks a million!

  6. They're comfy.....but, 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Apr 10th 2006

    These are some of the most comfortable gloves I've worn. My wife bought them as a present sometime back and obviously did a good job selecting them. However, I have one issue with them. Anytime my hand sweats bad or I get the gloves wet while wearing them, my hand turns black. Must be the dye in the leather, but either way, it's a bit of a nuisance and will not immediately wash off.

  7. Pleasantly surprised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 24th 2006

    After reading reviews about how soft and supple these gloves were, I had a difficult time deciding to buy them. I mean… I'm the kind of guy who wants the thick tough macho leather protecting him, not soft sissy leather these gloves sound like in the reviews.
    In just a few months and 6000 miles later, these gloves have changed my mind about what I need in a glove for protection. I still have to remind myself that these seemingly thin gloves will protect me better than thicker cow skin, but I'm now able to enjoy all the dexterity and control that I was depriving myself of.
    I no longer loathe toll booths. Getting the ticket, your wallet, and money from your pocket is not the chore it once was. I can do it all with the gloves on!

  8. fits like a...glove 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 12th 2006

    About a month ago I watched this guy take a spill about 100 yds in front of me on I-30. So I slam on the brakes, hit the hazards and dial 911 while I'm running past people with their mouths still open. He's seen better days, but it appeared he would survive. While I was talking to him about what happened and the ambulance was coming, I took note of the damage. Leather chaps: ok Jacket: a little scuff here and there (in my book I call that character). Helmet: toast. Gloves: oh oh. The right palm was still there, but the fingers had pushed so hard on pavement that the stitching literally ripped away from the rest of the glove leaving what amounted to 4 leather finger condoms. The other glove had no palm left to speak of and his hand was red with abrasion. I figure he rear-ended that guy doing about 35 to 40 mph, no more. I've seen GP racers spill going twice as fast as that and coming out better than this guy. It became clear that low budget poorly made products are no match for quality leather that costs $20 more (I actually looked at the same pair the day before at the HD dealer). I got my Deertours in on Monday and the moment I tried them on I knew the value of quality over the bottom line. Don't short change yourself. Supple and tough like they say. No finer glove anywhere.

  9. Just Keep Them On!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Aug 16th 2005

    I don\'t like fingerless gloves like some do. Seems like every time I ride with no gloves or fingerless gloves my hands or my fingers get zinged by some hawk sized bug or a rock kicked up by the car in front of me. But I hate having to take my gloves off every time I have to get gas or when I forget to put my helmet on first. Doooh!! I ordered my DeerTours by Lee Parks in early Summer and have been totally satisfied with them. They are tough and thin at the same time. I actually have a sense of touch with these gloves! When I stop for gas now I can get my wallet out of my back pocket and pull my credit card out to pay without pulling my gloves off. And when I pull a Homer and put my helmet on first I can actually lash the chin strap with gloves on. Ok! Ok! It\'s not the most co-ordinated effort in the world but I can do it. There is an easy to follow size chart that you should follow and order as indicated. Gloves that are to big would defeat the whole purpose. Now I\'m looking at some cold weather gloves from DeerSports by Lee Parks and I expect to be just as happy with them.

  10. Plusses and Minuses 4 Star Review

    Posted by on Jul 14th 2005

    When I need light duty protection, I like the way deerskin gloves feel compared to cow or goatskin gloves. They protect without providing a barrier to feeling what you are touching.
    I bought the DeerTours gloves for riding the bike in the warmer weather and they mostly give me what I expect. Another reviewer mentioned the black dye bleeding and I would have bought the natural color if I had read the review ahead of time. They do bleed black dye.
    If I were to redesign these gloves, I would put the Velcro strap across the back. It just seems to belong there.
    Online sizing charts are a problem when buying motorcycle gloves. I used the Parks chart and bought the XXL size thinking it would give me the relatively loose fit I like. My advice if you buy them is to try them on and if they are tighter than you like, send them back for a larger pair. After waiting six months for mine to stretch to where I like them, I know it is time for my first pair of custom-fit gloves. I own too many pairs of gloves that do not fit well.

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