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December Featured Rider

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Reid in Fox Creek Leather Classic II at PEI
Reid at Prince Edward Island last summer. PEI is one
of the three Maritime provinces along with
New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.


This part of the world is a motorcyclist’s wonderland – incredible scenery ranging from twists and turns along the coast of Nova Scotia (including the world famous Cabot Trail), to the gently rolling emerald farmland hills on Prince Edward Island, to the picturesque Saint John River valley in New Brunswick.

Wherever you ride, there are always lots of curves and hills, and often the traffic on the back roads is light. Here in the Halifax area we are on the coast so I ride from late March until late December – and sometimes the winters are mild enough I can get out during January and February.

Reid and Bonnie on their 2004 Yamaha Road Star
Reid and Bonnie on their 2004 Yamaha Road Star

My wife Bonnie and I ride throughout the Maritime region (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island) – putting on about 18K kms (11K miles) each year. We do a lot of day trips on the bike, some overnighters and vacation on the bike often. Bonnie is a great fan of motorcycling – although packing for two weeks on a bike can be a challenge!

My 2004 Road Star Midnight Silverado has a 1700 cc (102 cubic inch) engine with lots of power for ‘two up’ riding and touring. It is our ‘dream bike’ – we wanted a Roadie for several years. Bonnie bought it for me from her inheritance after her father passed away in 2003. I’ve dressed it up with comfortable seats, backrests, and, of course, lots of chrome!

Reid at Gearing Up Motorcycle Training
Motorcycle training class – Reid is on the far right

In addition to being the minister of a local church congregation, I am also a chief instructor with the ‘Gearing Up’ Motorcycle Training Program (the Canadian version of the MSF course). I train new motorcyclists every other weekend, from May to October and also teach some of the Experienced Rider Courses here in the city.

Reid and his Classic II Jacket
Fox Creek Protective Gear

Teaching the safety course has made me very aware of the necessity of good protective gear. I have to say, my Fox Creek jacket sure fits that description – thick, heavy weight leather – but very comfortable! It’s perfect for the constantly changing temperatures we find when riding along the coast – from really warm inland – mid to high 80s in the summer – to mid 60s along the coast. A quick zip of the jacket vents adjusts for the temperature variations. I’m really looking forward to the leather overpants I have on order – to complete a great looking, fantastic feeling, and very protective set of riding gear.

– Reid, Dartmouth, Canada

“Thank you folks at Fox Creek for a jacket of outstanding quality and for your great customer service. A winning combination!” – Reid

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