“Why I Ride” Contest Winner

Posted by terri4fcl on Sep 24th 2013

Why I Ride…
I could start with the freedom of the open road and so on, but you hear that all the time. So here is my story…

In 1994 my Mom gave me a motorcycle – a Honda Hawk CB400T. Yes my Mom! How cool is that? It was so tall I couldn’t reach the ground at all – not even close! – so my Hubby took it. Years went by and my mate had many other bikes after that and I was his passenger for over 100K miles. My mate brought a little Razz scooter home one day for me to see if I really wanted to be propelled by 2 wheels. I put 25 miles on it just in the driveway.

Back in 2001 my friend said hey lets take the MSF! I passed the class, so I now had all the skills to ride in a parking lot. It was now time to hone my skills. I rode a Honda NightHawk till the spring of 2002. Visiting our local Power Sports shop searching for my next step up… what was it going to be? A Honda Spirit or maybe a Suzuki Savage or even a Harley Buel??? Nope – I saw a huge beast of a bike in the corner of the shop. It was a Valkyrie!!! WOW it was gorgeous!

We had just started a small HotDog business at the time. My mate pulled the hotdog cart with his bike. We looked at this big huge bike – I sat on it and I wasn’t even close to touching the ground, but that wasn’t going to be a problem as this Beast was Triked.

The shop owner hopped on it and took it out side. He made a few laps in the parking lot then he said here hop on it – see what ya think. After all I never rode a trike. Well – I fell in love. I had one of Honda’s most awesome muscle bikes under me. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was triked I never would have taken a glance it’s way. I did always love the look of a valkyrie – AKA Dragons. The 6 pipes coming down from the massive 1520cc 6 cylinder engine – Yeah !!!! We bought it I ride it around the mountains of Virginia.

I truly fell in love with the power of my bike, and what it can do. Trikes do take a lot of getting use to, that’s for sure. They are not 2 wheels. They are a blast to ride once you learn to ride one. All rules change.

At the time we lived 70 miles from big grocery stores. So I started to use it as a primary vehicle – it took a chore like food shopping and turned it into an adventure. I was hooked. My Dragon took me cross-country 5+ times and into Canada. Been in all the states except Michigan, Hawaii and Alaska. I even did a solo 1000 miles in 16+ hours just as a personal challenge. I ride year around as long as there isn’t any ice on the roads that I know of when I leave. I have been caught in 5” of snow a few times, but always made it home.

My most favorite time is riding with my Husband/Mate of 32 yrs. One of my favorite times riding is at night with him. We’ll ride side by side on the open highways and turn all our lights on and make our own day light. I love the smells of Spring and Summer, then Autumn and Winter are so refreshing. There are many times we will run a 800 – 1000 miles in day. We have a few friends that we will ride with, but 98% I’m solo or with my mate.

The largest group we have ridden in was Honda Homecoming it was the 2nd to last year they stopped. It must have been over 500 bikes riding the Ohio Countryside waving to all the people.

My bike is my workhorse. I have carried many odd things on it from horse and cow feed to vacuum cleaners. I just love to ride… me and my machine… the odd looks I get in the winter from people, it’s just a blast. Two little girls waving and pointing… Knowing that one day they too will ride because they saw me riding. I planted the seed.

  • The most mileage in one year was in 2007 From Jan – Dec 38K
  • The least amount in one year was in 2005 From Jan – Dec 8 K
  • This year was a milestone 210 k miles all on my Valkyrie’s ~ From 2002 -2013

Not bad for a girl…

And each day it climbs.. As I still take them out every time I need to run an errand.
Or I just finished wrenching on the bike and I need to take that ever so important test ride.
Ya got to love Grease and nail polish (yes I do my own work.)

My mate asked me a few years back:
Are you going to keep riding if something happens to me? I replied YES! He than said well ya better start to learn to work on your own bike.
Or just take a ride because I needed a ride, I need to feel the wind and the power, and take a lot of photos on my rides. Most of them are on the fly Of cool things that catch my eye.
It is the perfect vehicle for me. Riding your favorite bike on roads new to you – it just doesn’t get any better then that. I’m so hooked that I had to have another Valkyrie. After all I have to keep riding when I’m working on the other one.

And on a last note… I could go on and on about my life and my Valkyries..
But this I think sums it up –

Adventure – I’m an outdoors person and always have been. It’s an iron horse to me, as I have ridden the other horses my whole life. It got me out to see our fine country of the USA!! It has made me more independent from my husband. I love the adrenalin rush and Living on the edge… The camaraderie riding with friends, sitting around a campfire telling stories…
Oh yeah – Life is Good.