The Quest for the Perfect Motorcycle Jacket!

Posted by chippywarren on May 10th 2011

This is just a tid-bit of the fabulous story told by Cage, customer extraordinaire, about his trip to visit us!

Well, got up at 3:30 AM this last Saturday, showered, had coffee and a banana and watched the Weather Channel in the buff (Note: This was a Bachelor Weekend with my wife visiting her Momma up in Kentucky, so all the dogs and I pretty much dress the same while she’s gone – it’s easier and there’s less laundry, plus that’s why God made blinds and privacy fencing).

It was an uneventful ride north on I-77 in the dark at about 80mph till we hit the NC line. The sun began to peek over the horizon and we stopped to put on the dreaded brain buckets (required to ride in NC and VA – thank God for the Free State of South Carolina). We then hit some heavy fog, which timed itself nicely for taking a break to eat.

After going through the Mayberry-like town of Independence VA (equipped with its own Barney Fife character) we saw Fox Creek Leather up on the left.

Fox Creek Leather

Fox Creek Leather


They were only open from 10 to 4 on Saturdays and we managed to roll in right at 10:15. But no lights were on and no vehicles or persons could be seen anywhere around.

We heard some really fierce barking out back. So I walked on around the building and saw a small gray “horse” straining on a chain. The top of his head reached my chest and, even though his tail was wagging, he kept lunging at me. So I backed out with a, “Nice doggy,” and left THAT Great Dane to find new friends on his own.

As I came back around a young gal came running out bare-footed and explained that all the employees who had keys to the store were out of town and they were going to break in the back to let us in and take care of us.

Fox Creek Leather

Allison, Cage & Melinda

At that point a van came roaring off the road, through the gravel and screeched to a stop and a shorter, older lady came flying out with hair askew and yelled, “We’ll be open in a minute!” as she ran around back.

Mako asked if they were going to break a window and the young lady (later known as Allison) wasn’t sure, but knew they’d be open real soon.

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