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Posted by harristimesfive on Nov 5th 2015

Concho Belts

Our Leather Belts are made from thick latigo harness leather. This leather belt is a one piece belt that will not come apart as many pieced leather belts do. Our belts are suitable for dress or casual wear. You get your choice of buckle or choose “None” to order your belt without the buckle. We offer 1 3/8″ Black and Brown belts, and also 1″ Black and Brown Belts.

We have recently started making Concho Belts, also available in 1 3/8″ and 1″, and gives you the choice to pick your own options. You can choose your belt color, buckle, and your conchos! Each belt has 5-8 evenly spaced conchos, depending on the size of the belt. Our conchos and belts are made in the USA. Our authentic US Minted Coin Snaps are handcrafted right here in Grayson County, VA!

Nick, from New York, says: “I purchased this belt around 4 months ago and must say it blows away my other belts. I own a belt from that American motorcycle company (the belt is made in China) and when I compared it to this one, the Fox Creek Leather belt is almost 2 times thicker, the buckle is heavier and has a better finish and the stitching is heavier. there is no question Fox Creek Leather belts are top quality. Oh, and the Fox Creek Leather belt was also cheaper, go figure. Keep doing what you do Fox Creek Leather, thumbs up!”


Pete, from Wisconsin, has had his belt for a good while now, it’s wearing great!

Pete says:

“With my buddha-like physique, I can be hard on a belt. I got tired of seemingly decent belts made in you know where, lasting anywhere from a day to a year. So began my quest for a quality American made belt.

I found Fox Creek Leather doing a Google search, and ordered my belt. I’ve had it for about a year now and couldn’t be happier. It’s broken in nicely, and is wearing like iron. I can tell I’ll have this belt for a long time. When I finally decide to replace my wallet in the near future, this is without a doubt who I’m going to buy it from.”

Watch this FCL Belt Review and see for yourself!