Thank you for such fine leather gear

Posted by terri4fcl on Oct 14th 2014

David was wearing his Highway 21 Vest when he had an unexpected encounter with a deer. He and wife Nancy were riding with friends when a deer blindsided them. When David hit the pavement his Highway 21 Vest took a lot of the impact, protecting his torso from road rash. He slid so far that the snap on his Marine vest extender was ground smooth.

David returned the vest for repair after the accident – his leather held up pretty well, but the metal grommets and snaps were so scarred he wanted them replaced. David, wife Nancy and sister Rae returned to Fox Creek Leather last week to thank us for the quality of his vest and to design a new Build Your Own Vintage Vest.

Check out David’s patches – he’s got a few! He’s a two tour Vietnam Veteran, then on to Okinawa, Japan and served in the U.S. from Cherry Point, North Carolina, Yuma, Arizona and El Toro California.

David, we thank you for your service!

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