Scottish Music Anyone?

Posted by foxcreekleather on Jan 24th 2006

One of the best perks of working at Fox Creek Leather is being able to work with the public. Doing so, I’ve developed a lot of friendships with many interesting people. Yes, I have friends….Now that this has been established, let me take a moment to tell you about one such friend, Brendan Dowd. (I’m not just talking about Brendan because I find him “Drop Dead Gorgeous” either.)

Okay, you may of guessed it, I’ve a soft spot for international customers. I was quick to reply to Brendan’s first e-mail, the words “here in Scotland” were speaking to me. Just a couple of questions on fitting a jacket. (He needed something for riding his Honda Rune Trike). Within a couple of replies back and forth, I had a new Scottish friend and he was getting a Fox Creek Leather Jacket.

Time for a quick, funny story. Brendan was chillin in Inverness and picked up a copy of Cold Mountain. As soon as he read the word Virginia on the film cover the phone rang. Yep, it was me. How eerie is that? That’s the kind of connection we’ve got.

I find that I really look forward to e-mails from my friend. Just seeing one in my inbox brightens my day. If and when we meet, I know it will be that comfortable feeling of friendship shared over a drink or two or three or….oh well, you get the point.

Now I am going to brag. Brendan has what I think would be the coolest job ever (next to selling leather on the internet of course). He is an internet radio D.J.

Here is a spill on his site:

At Scottish Internet Radio we aim to provide a serious and credible alternative to traditional terrestrial radio. We will broadcast a selection of pre-recorded programmes which will provide listeners from all over the globe with the opportunity to listen to a variety of music genres, including traditional and modern Scottish music.

The main focus of the station will be the promotion of Scottish culture and language and will broadcast programmes in both English and Gaelic. The station will also run a unique online Gaelic learning program, and in association with Sabhal Mor Ostaig the Gaelic collage located on the Isle of Skye we will provide listeners with an opportunity to learn our native language.

In fact, Brendan has just started a new Piping show on S.I.R. called PIOBAIREACHD, it’s Gaelic for Piping. I’ve been told Angus takes requests.

Check out the site.
Request a song.
(Mine is Amazing Grace on the bagpipes – hint, hint Mr. Angus!)