Riding Noel from the Coast

Posted by terri4fcl on Dec 18th 2007

Riding Noel from the Coast

A friend and I drove from the Eastern Shore of
Virginia, 412 miles one way so that my friend Roger could get a new jacket. Didn’t understand his desire at first, but I went with the plan anyway. We did this on bike, braving the winds of Hurricane Noel, and morning temps around 21 degrees. Knowing all this was going on, I was praying to God that Roger would cancel the trip. Didn’t happen. He insisted, and we rode. Best trip I’ve ever made. Roger rides a VTX 1800, and I’m on a tiny 883R Sportster, a bike that no one should ride for 412 miles in one day. Round trip came out to just around 900 miles, since we chose to go the way of I-81 and Rt. 460 back to the shore. (Rode Rt 58 on the way out)

Anyway, I’m writing to express how impressed I was with the store, and the individuals who helped us out. I can’t recall both of their names, but Melinda comes to mind. Her customer service skills, and knowledge on proper fitting helped me get into a pair of leather over pants, gloves and belt, while Roger walked out with gloves, a new jacket and belt also. It was well worth the trip to get out there and see you folks. We’re already talking about when we can do it again.

Bottom line, we wouldn’t have rode so far if it wasn’t for the quality gear you sell. I was hesitant at first simply because of the ride and the weather at the time, but I regret none of it now. Please pass my thanks along to Melinda and (I can’t remember the other lady’s name) for their help, and the convincing that they did that leather pants were indeed a bonus when it comes to cold weather riding. I froze my tail off heading over the hills on the way out there, but the return trip was comfortable, and I can’t for the life of me understand how I went without them in the past. It did take a little convincing though on thier part however, that leather pants were indeed OK to wear, even by men. I made a comment that I felt like I should be singing “YMCA” when I was wearing them, but fortunately that feeling went away real quick.

Again thank you to Fox Creek. I’ll be sending a letter (and hopefully some pictures) via regular USPS mail, but for now, I hope this will at least let you know that there are two very satisfied bikers over here in the eastern part of the state who will be praising and recommending Fox Creek to everyone we meet.

Take Care –
Joe Posinski
Destroyer Squadron Twenty Eight
United States Navy Chief Petty Officer

Thanks, Joe and Roger

Thanks, Joe and Roger, for sharing your story with us. Sounds like you had a ‘cool’ ride in November!

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