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Quality, Shipping & Customer Care

Posted by redintheforest on

There are three things I would like to take the time to address with your company: Quality, Shipping and Packaging and Customer Care.

I’m a Marine stationed on Okinawa, Japan for which I use an FPO AP address. It can be a challenge to find businesses that will make the effort to ship to us because someone has to walk packages to the Post Office and mail them in person due to mail security. Not only did you guys make that effort on my behalf but you went the extra step to Insure all my leathers before you sent them! As far as I can see I wasn’t charged the price of the Insurance. Who does that?? Only a company that puts Customer Care first, that’s who.

Your Shipping department is all over it! I ordered my jacket first…I wanted to check it out first before I ordered anything else. I ordered it well in advance of my return from Iraq anticipating a long wait before I received it. I ordered it and about two weeks later I returned to Okinawa to find that my jacket had been waiting for me for nearly a week already. Yes, we obviously have a really good mail system but your Shipping department not only sent me an email the next work day telling me that my jacket had been mailed but it was at the Post Office that day! Who does that?? A company that has a very efficient Shipping and Packaging department, that’s who.

Last, and I think most importantly, is the Quality of your leathers. Now let me tell you that I ride HARD and LONG when I’m Stateside. I’m the guy that puts 50,000 miles on my Road King in 12 months of riding and am disappointed that I missed out on some miles for this reason or that. I’ve been wearing my Harley brand heavy duty FXRG but I really wanted to get away from being associated with “That Guy” that sports HD gear from head to toe just because he owns a Harley. Don’t get me wrong, my HD gear is really great and does exactly what it’s advertised to do but it doesn’t have the classic look I prefer because the Company is pretty busy trying to change everything for the younger generations. I ordered my Classic II motorcycle jacket and I recieved more than I paid for…well, that’s my opinion after looking for this jacket for the last 3 years anyway. (No, I’m not going to volunteer to pay you more, haha!) It’s super heavy in weight but somehow it’s supple and easy to wear! Even better it’s that Classic jacket I’ve been searching for. I love the feel of it and I open my wall locker almost everyday just to smell it. I don’t need it yet here as it’s really hot on Okinawa, but I know when I get back to Camp Pendleton, CA next spring it’ll be exactly what I need when I get on my bike and go to some colder places.

SO! After receiving my AWESOME jacket I couldn’t wait to order my lined chaps and my brand-spankin’ new Indian Head Nickel vest. I received my chaps just over a week after I ordered it and I received my vest today, about 3 weeks after I ordered it. It was right on time though because Fox Creek told me they had exhausted the stock room and had to make this one just for me. My chaps are at least as thick as my jacket and I can’t wait to hit the Sierra Nevadas in June when there’s still snow all over the place….just to test them out. My vest is exactly what I saw online and it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for in a vest. You’re not going to find any of this gear at any rally or roadside/mall leather shop. Forget it. And at this price and quality I got WAY more than what I paid for in just my HD jacket. I bought the jacket, chaps and vest for about $100 more than just my HD jacket. Big bang for my buck!!

So my hat is off to everyone at Fox Creek Leather for an incredible product and awesome customer service. Now I’m going to have to check out what other leathers I’ve always wanted and scratch up some dough….

Sincerely, Lars Torkelson

P.S. I’m hanging out in my barracks room right now dressed in all my leathers to see again just how well they fit and feel. I feel like a kid at Christmas all over again, haha!

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