Q-Ball is a big fan of Fox Creek Leather!

Posted by chippywarren on Feb 23rd 2011

This is a review by Q-Ball a few years ago. And while it’s not one of the most recent reviews by Q-Ball, the information bears repeating! All photos courtesy of Q-Ball. We’ve asked Q-Ball to be our guest blogger so hopefully you’ll see more material from him on our blog in the near future!

As many of you know, I am a big fan of Fox Creek Leather. I’m not the only one, their customer testimonials go on forever. The reason is they are the finest made in the USA motorcycle leathers you can buy. You can spend much more and never get any better. They also have a lifetime guarantee which “covers the workmanship and materials on all of our American made chaps, jackets, vests and pants as long as you own them”. Some of you know I am a proud owner of their jackets,chaps,saddlebags, tool bag and gloves. All are well made of the highest quality leather. So when they asked me to review more of there offerings I said “SURE!”

Deerskin Outseam Gloves

Now here is a pair of gloves only a mother could love. They are not for those into fashion statements. They were made to be comfortable and functional. In fact, they are the most comfortable gloves I’ve ever owned. That’s because the seams are on the outside and don’t bind against your fingers while flexing. Another reason for their comfort is the buttery soft, yet strong deer skin leather. They will form to your hands and keep them warm at temperatures amazingly low for an unlined glove.

I wore them riding my bike in the 40’s, and working outdoors in the 20’s. In fact these photos were taken after abusing them all winter long. They have become my favorite every day gloves, and this mother loves them.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Deerskin Leather 1.2-1.5mm (2.5-3.5oz)
  • Outseam stitched for maximum comfort
  • Nickel-plated slide buckle for easy wrist adjustment

Elkskin Gauntlets

Have you ever wished you could find a heavy duty leather gauntlet glove to protect your hands, and still be able to flex and feel. Well, you just did. Fox Creek Elkskin Gauntlets are amazingly soft, and remarkably strong. They are unlined, and comfortable at a wide temperature range. The gauntlet covers jacket cuffs to keep out wind and rain.

Like the Deerskin Outseam Gloves, I wore them riding my bike through the winter. There were mornings I’d leave the house with frost on the ground, and by mid-day it was up in the 60’s. I was a happy rider to have these keeping my hands protected and warm. I also keep a pair of light wool liners in my saddlebags for the occasion when extra warmth was needed.

PS. I had to enlist the help of a friend to do the photos. He liked them so much, I felt obliged to give them up. He’s been wearing them every day since, and loving every minute. Me, I reckon I’ll have to get another pair.

  • Made in USA
  • 100% elkskin leather 1.7mm (4oz.)
  • Gauntlet covers jacket cuffs for maximum weather protection

New Classic Motorcycle Jacket I

New? Fox Creek has been making a superior Classic Motorcycle Jacket I forever! Well you all, the best just got better. Paul Trachy has been in the biker leather business for over 20 years. He takes pride in providing the best leather products on the market, and he is not one for sitting on his laurels. When he told me about this, I could feel the pride and excitement.

Firstly, new leather. How in the world could there be any better leather than Paul used in my old Classic II. Well, when my new Classic I showed up it was un-freakin-believably gorgeous. Almost too nice for the likes of me. The Naked Cowhide 1.4-1.6mm (3.25-4.5oz) is baby soft, yet strong as a bull. You’re just gonna have to experience it to believe it. I could go on forever, and never give this leather justice. I will tell you this, when my assistant (cutie at the top of the page) caught site of my new jacket, she put it on and her eyes started rolling back like she was having an out of body experience. When I asked if she was OK, she mumbled something about loving the feel and smell. I was hard pressed to get it back so I took her photo.

As with my old jacket, the fit and finish is the best there is, bar none. It is a well designed jacket, giving a rider protection, flexibility and of of course comfort. Everything you want and need in a motorcycle jacket has been carefully engineered in. Adjustable laced sides, rear air vents, gusseted shoulder panels, and a padded extended kidney panel.

What’s this? New zipper air vents in the sleeves! Like the vents in the chest and back they can be opened or closed to regulate air flow.

The mesh lining allows fresh air from the zippered vents to flow around you body, and keep you cool, while the leather keeps you safe.

The new zip out Thinsulate® full lining has welded seams, that in combination with storm flaps on zippered vents, will keep you warm on cold rides. There is even a removable polar fleece neck warmer neatly tucked into the collar of the liner. The jacket collar can be turn up to give your neck, and chest complete full protection from rain, and cold wind, or snap it down for summer riding. Warmth in the winter, and shade in the summer, what more could you want, or need.

Did you notice all the pockets on, and in this jacket? Two inside pockets, outside there are two hand pockets, a chest pocket, and a watch pocket.

If you are looking for the one motorcycle jacket, that will last you a lifetime “guaranteed”. The best made, best designed, most useful, all weather motorcycle jacket ever. Not to mention the best bang for your hard earned dollar. You can spend a lot more, and not find any better. Don’t just believe me, check it out. If you go cheap, you will end up replacing it, if you go high dollar HD fashion boutique, you will be wasting your money. In either case you will end up regretting not getting the best, made in the U.S.A, guaranteed for life Fox Creek Leather.

This is a fully road tested, no bull review. I only put my name, and reputation on the line for what I believe in. After all it’s a small biker’s world, sooner or later what goes around comes around. Thanks for your support. Long May You Ride, Q-Ball.

Thank you very much, Q-Ball!