Proud Owners of Fox Creek Leather Products

Posted by harristimesfive on Jan 28th 2015

Jeff and Susan Snicale

We have been proud owners of Fox Creek Leather products for many years now. It started with the purchase of a vest for our youngest son. Since then we have purchased the Classic II jackets, chaps, gloves, belts, another vest, and most recently a windshield bag. We have never been unhappy with our purchases!

The jackets and chaps have provided protection for more than 50,000 miles and continue to look great even though a little “seasoned.” I wear the Classic II year round and find it to be comfortable most of the time (in high humidity and temperatures it usually comes off for lighter weight wear). Most recently we took a 4,700 mile ride out west covering 10 states and 7 national parks/monuments. The weather, as well as the riding conditions in general, changed on a regular basis. Only a few times did we need to take the jackets off.

When it was hot, the venting system works well to keep air flowing. When it was cold, we had ample space to slip on our heated liners. In those “in between” times, the removable liner was a good option and my Elk Skin gauntlets worked wonderfully to close off the sleeves of my jacket in those times when I needed just a touch less airflow.

Though our leather is heavy, we always know that we have good protection from just about whatever comes our way. We are very thankful that we do not have a crash testimonial to share, but if that time comes we are sure our leathers will do their job to protect us.

In closing, I have to give the staff their dues. They have always been very friendly and responsive to our needs. We make it a habit to tell people about Fox Creek whenever they ask about our leather (which is often).

Jeff and Susan Snicale

White Bear Lake, MN