“Normal Business Hours…?”

Posted by terri4fcl on Jan 28th 2011

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Wonder why you might not be able to reach us during “Normal Business Hours” this year?

We have had one of the ‘weatheriest’ winters in 20 years this season.

Snowy Virginia days

Many of these photos were taken by staff on their way to Fox Creek Leather just a couple weeks ago, and some were from early December. Check out the composite photo at the top of the page… See how short the stop sign is on the left?

Snowy Virginia days

Snowy Virginia days

We’ve had years when there was barely a dusting of snow, and a couple years that had one good ‘whallup,’ but this year has really packed a snowy punch.

To give you an idea, this is the first year ever we have missed time at Fox Creek Leather due to snow and wintry conditions.

While we may not be here because of the snow, don’t think you are ‘out in the cold.’ Email: If you don’t get an answer on the phone, leave a message and we’ll call you as soon as we can.