Mother & Daughter Ride Motorcycles & Horses

Posted by chippywarren on May 1st 2013

Melinda and her daughter Allison

Melinda has been at Fox Creek Leather for over ten years now. Her teenage daughter, Allison, has been working evenings, weekends and summers since she got her work permit in 2011. They make a good team both at Fox Creek Leather and at home. They each wrote a few words about how much they enjoy riding together – whether on a motorcycle or on horses.

Allison and her horse.

“My Mom and I love riding horses and motorcycles together, sometimes for fun and sometimes just to relax. I never had an interest in motorcycles until my mom got one and now I love every minute on it. My Dad found the bike in a ditch on the side of the road and bought it for $500. We get the same feeling of freedom when we’re on a motorcycle or horse. We’re blessed either way when we’re on a horse or on a bike — blessed that God gave us these mountains and beautiful scenery to enjoy.” — Allison

Melinda leading the pack on our 2011 fall ride.

“I love to ride motorcycles and horses. Every time I’m on either, I feel like I am on an adventure. Things just look better when you’re out in the fresh air. I have been lucky enough to have a daughter to share these things with. She makes everything seem a little sweeter and more beautiful.” — Melinda