Looking for Motorcycle Gear? Details Matter.

Posted by chippywarren on Mar 26th 2012

Whether you’ve always ridden motorcycles or are just getting started, there’s an endless array of options out there for your motorcycle gear needs. Don’t be fooled by inexpensive imported goods or cheap superstore prices.

Quality matters. Made in the USA matters.

What you’ll find at Fox Creek Leather, besides outstanding customer service, is attention to detail. From the design, to the thread, to the leather itself, we care what goes into our products.

Take the Men’s Vented Racing Jacket. It’s our oldest and our best selling item… Ever. Why? This motorcycle jacket has clean, discrete styling and features that offer excellent functionality.

Our leather motorcycle jackets are simple, timeless styles that offer what’s most important to motorcyclists – protection. We use thick, yet supple leather that’s going to literally save your hide should you go down. Check out our crash testimonials. They speak for themselves.

When your body is scrubbing against pavement, you’re still in trouble if your leather motorcycle jacket isn’t sewn with thread tough enough to withstand the tension. Not only do we use heavy duty nylon thread but each leather item is hand sewn in America by people who care about what they are doing and are proud of their work. When a customer brags about their motorcycle jacket or other leather good, we pass the word along to the guys at the factory. As a matter of fact, our motto, Leather To Last A Lifetime, actually came from a customer testimonial!

heck out this detailed picture of the Classic Motorcycle Jacket that was in a wreck. Notice the scratches on the hardware? That’s the damage from the pavement. Notice the hardware is all still in tact? That’s because we only use the best hardware available. From YKK zippers to heavy duty snaps and buckles.

Details matter.