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Jeff in Pusan, Korea

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Recently, I was standing in my doorway getting ready to go out for a ride. I looked in the mirror and saw that I had on my Harley-Davidson boots, Harley-Davidson shirt, Harley-Davidson jacket, Harley-Davidson fanny pack (with my Harley-Davidson handkerchief and Harley-Davidson wallet inside), Harley-Davidson bandanna, Harley-Davidson gloves, and Harley-Davidson helmet.

Jeff as Harley Guy
Jeff as “Harley Guy”

I was horrified. I had become “Harley Guy,” the type of guy that has Harley-Davidson stamped on everything he owns or wears. I hate that guy, but I had become him, the corporate sellout. I was rather disgusted with myself.

I immediately went inside the house and threw my Harley-Davidson jacket into the garbage can. Never wanted to see it again.

I started an internet search for leather motorcycle jackets. The name Fox Creek Leather kept coming up. I finally visited their site and thought that they had some beautiful products. Reading through their site, I was impressed by the thickness of their leather and the alleged care with which they are constructed.

Jeff's Harley April, 2006BC
Jeff’s Harley April, 2006BC (Before Crash)

I was very interested in purchasing one of their jackets, but was hesitant to buy anything because I would be buying it sight unseen via the internet from some place 8,000 miles away. So, I scoured the internet for personal reviews or comments on Fox Creek Leather Jackets. I visited many sites and many sources, but was unable to locate any negative comments or reviews. Not a single one.

I broke down and gave them a call. They went over specific measurements and eventually convinced me to get one size bigger than I thought I should. I bought the Classic Motorcycle Jacket II. I also bought a pair of braided chaps and some deerskin gauntlets.

They arrived in Pusan, Korea from Virginia, USA in 5 days.

As many reviews had said, the leather was very thick and weighed a ton, but was very soft. Everything fit absolutely perfectly. Although it is still a bit warm here in Korea, the vents on the jacket made it very comfortable to wear.

Harley After Drop
Jeff’s Bike October, 2006AD (After Drop)

Well. Just a few days after getting the jacket and other leather gear, I was wearing my new jacket and gloves and I slid on something, missed a corner, and slammed into a concrete telephone pole. I broke my leg and was launched off my bike. I tumbled along the ground for about 30 feet.

The leather jacket quite possible saved my life and definitely saved me from serious blood loss and significant upper-body injuries. I had one minor scrape on my right forearm, which I believe was just a bit of road burn caused by the inside zipper lining on the right sleeve.

Jeff and his Harley mechanic
Jeff and his Harley-Davidson repairman friend

There was absolutely NO damage to the jacket. There was a bit of dust on the right sleeve and right side of the jacket, but I dusted that off in the emergency room. There is not a single scratch on that leather jacket.

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