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In Search of the Perfect Vest

Posted by redintheforest on
Antti in his Fox Creek Leather Jean Biker Vest

I spent almost an year and a half trying to find a vest that would fulfill my need. I was disappointed more than a once when testing and buying from anonymous sellers.

One day when I actually had forgotten the whole “vest-searching-project” I followed a link from Finnish Harley forum and ended at the Fox Creek Leather web page. I read a couple reviews and faced my dream vest. I decided immediately to buy it.

My past experiences from the Internet-shops and so on were not so good but somehow I decided to try one more time, and now it was Fox Creek. A company I didn´t know, but had read a couple of compliments about it. I thought that I would like to have a vest that would look good when I leave it open when wearing a t-shirt and on the other hand it wouldn´t look too “tight” when wearing a riding jacket. I like the vest a bit short so that my t-shirt would fairly come over the vest from the bottom.
Fox Creek Leather Jean Biker Vest
Fox Creek Leather
Jean Biker Vest

My first problem was the size. While leaving the order on the web page I left text in the info box about the size. I don´t know if the people work in Fox Creek 24/7, but it seemed like it because the answer came way sooner that I expected (actually all the answers to my emails). I exchanged a couple of emails with (Scarlett) Fox Creek. They had me convinced that the size that would fit best would be 46.

Again my expectations were exceeded, the package came so quickly. The shipment took less than a week. I have to say that if you are buying a vest and don´t really know what style and (the main point) where to get it, I will recommend Fox Creek Leather. In my opinion it is a company that exceeds customer needs and provides world class service and products.

Antti from Finland

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