How Should My Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

How Should My Motorcycle Jacket Fit?

Posted by Rachel Hash on Mar 18th 2022

Many times we are asked by customers how their leather motorcycle jacket should fit. Should the jacket fit tight or loose? Sometimes finding the perfect fit can be difficult to achieve. You want the leather jacket for protection but at the same time want to be comfortable when riding your motorcycle.

Motorcycle jackets should not be so tight that the person has restricted movement in the arms and shoulders. Basically you want to have a leather jacket that is snug but not tight. When you put our leather on, cross your arms and touch your opposite shoulder it is not pulling under your arms and you still have movement. Having a loose fitting leather motorcycle jacket may cause the jacket to bunch up at the chest. One question that is often asked: 'How do I know if I need a long?' The body of the jacket should come even or right below the belt line. So when you sit down it does push on your thighs and the jacket doesn't create a pouch at the chest. Also, when your arms are extended in the riding position, you want them right past your wrist. If it comes up your arm, the sleeves are too short.

Keep in mind that you want this snug comfortable fit while wearing layers if that is what you typically do underneath your jacket. It will feel looser with just a t-shirt. Ultimately, the fit depends on the body type and how you want to wear their jacket when riding. That is why taking accurate measurements are helpful.

As always you can reach out to us anytime for help with fit or product questions.