Honor A Veteran

May 29th 2017

"As I set my Flag this morning it rolled to a rise on a soft breeze and then quietly laid the wave back down. Another peaceful day started at my home, but not necessarily for the world.Fox Creek requested stories of Veterans for Memorial Day and so I want to submit my Father’s, Richard O’Hara.

He served from 1955 and retired in 75. In the mid 60’s he had a back and shoulder injury. I remember the surgery and during his recovery he wore a back brace.While deployed to Vietnam in 69 He wrote articles for a local newspaper. My Grandmother kept the articles and a few letters that my father had written while deployed and she placed them in a scrapbook. Last night I read the articles and letters and caught a glimpse of what he endured.

Hurricane Camille hit the Gulf Coast also in 69 and he would have to wait 10 days before he knew His wife and 3 sons were safe. The newspaper articles recorded the history of the times, but the letters recorded his heart. The military were not generally appreciated in the 60s and the economy really suffered in the 70s. But my Father chose to serve. He served with anxiety, through physical pain, loneliness and with an uncertain future. He died 28 years ago from a complication from the blood transfusion from the back surgery in the 60’s.

Our Veterans, like my Flag, rose to serve and then quietly returned to their home.2017 Memorial Day and Father’s Day will give an opportunity to say a prayer of thanks. Thank you, Dad. And thank you to all past Veterans along with those who currently serve this Great Nation.God Bless America"

~Scott O'Hara

We want to thank Scott for taking the time to share his father's story and why Memorial Day is important to him.