Hog Roast in Bridgeport, Nebraska

Posted by foxcreekleather on May 20th 2009

The time is near to make plans to attend the Hog Roast in Bridgeport, Nebraska. Where is Bridgeport? From I-80 interchange @ Sidney, NE, it is 40 miles north and east…..really just a great ride from the other end of the state! Why not gather a group of great riding friends and make a weekend of it!!
The Hog Roast is held at the Morrill County Fairgrounds just south of town about a mile and a half. There are lots of trees for camping shelter. There are also just a few plug-ins for electricity for RVs on a first-come, first-served basis (with a minimal fee for electricity). If you choose to dry camp, there is a large area available for your vehicle or camper.
Gates open on Friday, June 12. Woody Willet and Dale Widhalm will be in charge again this year. The price of $30 per person for the weekend is a bargain! Heck, I can’t go to the Bar & Grill on one night for less than that for just myself! Budweiser will provide the refreshments, all you can drink. Bring your IDs, cuz we’re playing by the rules. No minors (that means all the way down to “0” years), No weapons, and No pets. If you bring your pets, you will need to park outside the gates. For you non-drinkers, we will have a limitless supply of soda and water available for you. There will be vendors selling food and refreshments also. An ice wagon will be available for ice for your coolers.
Our Hog Roast T-shirts are awesome again! If you liked the dancing bears of The Grateful Dead fame, we have the dancing pigs in black and gray. Tee’s and tanks are $10. Long-sleeved shirts are $15. If you want a special order (hoody or sweatshirt, contact Tonya and make arrangements with her @ 308-279-0954). We have also invited several different varieties of vendors.
In the main fair building, there are public restrooms and shower facilities. On the grounds, there are plenty of portapotties available. There are also plenty of dumpsters for your trash and we will be providing trash bags for your use in helping to keep the grounds clean and safe.
Loaded Dice, an excellent local Scottsbluff rock band and Hog Roast sponsor, will be providing entertainment at the dances on both Friday and Saturday nights. For safety’s sake, we do lock the gates at 1:00 a.m. so no one can leave the grounds and ride or drive. So, if for any reason you need to leave the grounds after the dance, you must make arrangements to have transportation “outside” the gates of the grounds.
Tonya and Jeff Guerrero will be hosting the 2nd Annual Beerfest games. Plan on joining in! It’s a hoot! Each team will need 5 members. Last year was a great success. This year the talk is lots of teams with even more laughter and fun. If you would like more information, please contact Tonya or Jeff @ 308-279-0954.
We will be hosting the bike games again so be thinking of your “weenie biting” partner. Not to worry if you don’t have one; there will be plenty of biters to choose from. There will also be some new games introduced this year.
On Saturday, there will be a poker run planned and sponsored by the Iron Rage riders in the morning and get you back for the other festivities. After the bike games, the Hog Roast meal will be served in the main fair building. The beerfest will follow, and then the dance.
There are a couple of motels in Bridgeport if you’re not into camping. Try the Meadowlark Inn first. They are also one of our Hog Roast sponsors. Bridgeport has grocery stores, gas stations, hardware stores, a post office, bar and grills, and limited fast food facilities.
We have a website now. Visit us throughout the year to keep posted on our events.
Everyone is welcome! Come join us and have a great time meeting new friends. For the love of the road and wind in my hair, I think “bikers” are the best! Ride Safe!!
Marlene Crosier – Treasurer, District 10