Happy Birthday America – Why Made in USA?

Posted by terri4fcl on Jun 28th 2013

appy Fourth of July

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In honor of America’s 237th birthday, here are a few reasons for buying Made in USA:

    1. Quality control.
      It’s difficult to mandate quality standards across borders and across cultures. Equipment, thread & hardware really DOES make a difference. Inferior, old thread that has been stuck in some warehouse for months or years will fail faster than high quality fresh run materials. If the machine isn’t fine-tuned for the material and thread, the end product suffers from skipped stitches, loose stitches, broken stitches, etc. Even the size and type of needle in the machine makes a difference in the quality of the finished product.
    2. Total cost of ownership is less.
      Over the lifetime of the product, total cost of ownership is less and the satisfaction of owning an American made product is more. You get what you pay for in appearance as well as longevity. How many times do you have to replace a cheap item over what should be the lifetime of the product? How often is the item ‘out of service’ for repair? Buy quality the first time and enjoy it for a lifetime.
    3. Jobs for America.
      Fox Creek Leather is 14 people strong and growing. Our Made in USA equals 14 jobs then, right? Well, when you factor in the workers at the 20+ American companies who supply our materials and products, plus the people who supply ‘logistics’ – getting materials to us and finished products to you – our small company provides work for hundreds of Americans.

    These are some of the reasons we’ve come up with… what do you think? Make a comment and tell us what you think of when you hear “Made in USA.”

    Watch how an American made vest is crafted at Fox Creek Leather.