Posted by terri4fcl on Jan 12th 2011

It is with humble gratitude and appreciation that I extend a sincere thank you to all our loyal customers who have kept us afloat in these difficult last two years. Every sale, referral, endorsement and kind word from our dedicated customer base has helped us to remain in business.

Fox Creek Leather Bike Building
Russell and Ryan building a bike.

Being in the middle of nowhere it has surprised us how much walk in business our little store has done. In addition to visits from almost every state in the union we have had customers from New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Scotland.

Fox Creek Leather Remodeling
Click for larger image

We have a composite full size junk motor cycle sculpture hanging from a sign in front of the store. We noticed that people did not notice it: “What motorcycle? We didn’t see any motorcycle.” So we hired Russell Rigsby our local derelict hippy artist, hot rod builder to make us a little more conspicuous with a slightly larger bike above the store.

Fox Creek Leather Remodeling
Remodeling the store
Paul, Ryan and Patrick.

Fox Creek Leather Employees
Don’t cross our managers!

Now that the employees are all managers of some sort I have been able to focus on the more important aspects of running the business: helping to remove all the vestigial wires, pipes, ducts boilers etc. and hauling them to the scrap yard. (Copper is $3 a pound)

Fox Creek Leather Scrap Happy
Scrap Managers
Ryan, Paul, Rex

Installing a hedge to protect ourselves and our customers from our southern neighbor, Nathan, a mechanic at the local Harley shop who owns a bike and is covered with tattoos.

Fox Creek Leather Scrap and Shrub works
Fox Creek Scrap and Shrub Works

My excellent staff often expresses appreciation for their jobs. Ultimately this appreciation must be passed on to you our customers – the backbone and pulse of Fox Creek Leather.



Thank you and Happy New Year.