Fox Creek Leather Trivia Contest Winners & Answers

Posted by foxcreekleather on Sep 1st 2006

Thank you for all your entries winners will be contacted via e-mail for a shipping address for their gift certificate. 

Congratulations to the following people for winning our Fox Creek Leather Trivia Contest:

Sharon G.

Barry N., CA

Peter V., GA

Lori H.

John S.

Gina F., KS

Phil R., AUST

Kevin T.

David L.

Also, we thank the following participants for their entries (just missed winning by one answer!) and would like to offer them a free Montana Pitch Blend Leather Oil for their time and efforts.

Pam P.


Andrea B.

Terri M.

Adrianne W.
For those who are curious:
1.       What year did Fox Creek Leather go on-line? 1999 –
2.       ­­What gives us the flexibility to custom make a garment when some one’s measurements fall outside our stock sizes? Domestic manufacturing. –
3.       Why do Fox Creek Leather’s garments readily absorb conditioning oils?  We use naked leather. –
4.       How many variations of any one style of saddlebag do we offer?  4 –
5.        What comes in a Large Tool Bag Gift Set?  Heavy-Duty 12″ Tool Bag, Men’s Lined Deerskin Gauntlets, Montana Pitch Blend Leather Oil, and Long Lever Covers. – Tool Bag

6.       The difference between a Classic I Jacket and a Classic II Jacket is:  Two outside pockets and a belt. – – we also did accept one pocket and a belt.
7.      How many of our leather vests have buffalo nickel head snaps?  6 – Men’s Buffalo Nickel, Men’s Braided Buffalo Nickel, Men’s 2 Tone Buffalo Nickel, Men’s Jean Biker, Women’s Laced Nickel, Women’s Eagle. &
8.      What is another name for Latigo Leather?  Harness Leather –
9.       Which is NOT covered by our lifetime guarantee?  Liner was left in the rain and rusted the zipper. –
10.    If you live in Washington and order a jacket (which is in stock and shipping with UPS ground delivery) in how many business days could you expect delivery?  5 –