Fox Creek Leather- Quality Leather Clothing for Concealed Carry

Posted by foxcreekleather on Jun 25th 2008

Fox Creek leather is a family owned and operated company located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia that specializes in the manufacture of high quality Leather clothing products made in America, they generally aim at motorcycle riding apparel but some of the products are very well suited to conceal carry clothing. My general impression of the products that I have purchased is that they are twice the quality at half the price. I have been riding street bikes for over forty years so I have accumulated a closet full of leather riding gear and few are of the quality I have seen at Fox Creek leather.

When I first looked at the Fox Creek web site I was impressed with the variety and styles of leather goods offered. Since I have usually purchased my leather vests, which I wear on a daily basis, from a large American motorcycle manufacturer, I was a little concerned at the price differences. Most of the leather goods I had purchased from other companies were made in places like Pakistan or Podunk China and the cost for durable leather products is generally higher in price than Fox Creek was charging.

I finally ordered a black classic vest, at half the price I have previously paid for a quality vest. When the vest arrived, I checked it out and promptly ordered two more vests of different styles and colors, as well as gloves and a belt.

What was impressive about the first vest I ordered was the quality of construction, the liner was very nice and the vest is equipped with an inside gun pocket with a barrel holder that will hold my Kimber Ultra CDP 2. This Leather lined pocket on the left chest has a snap close and leather strap inside the pocket to stabilize the barrel. With a compact 45 in the gun pocket the vest would not bulge or show the handgun outline from the outside. The vest was perfect for a shoulder carry but was just a little too short for belt carry. I considered sending the vest back and ordering a longer size vest in the same style but I did not have the heart to send such a nice vest back for any reason, so I elected to order a couple more vests in different length and larger chest size as well as different color.

One of the two additional vests I ordered was a half price overstock and a charming lady named Ashley from the company called me to let me know that the vest was no longer available in the size I ordered and wanted to confirm that I still wanted the other items ordered. I agreed to modify the order and they immediately sent the Brown vest that I had ordered as well as deer skin gloves and a heavy duty belt.

The Brown classic vest is by far the best quality and cut vest I have ever owned. For complete hand gun coverage I suggest that any vest ordered should be one size larger than the sizing chart recommends for your chest size and order the vest in the long style for that size, this will give the vest two additional inches of length and will do a good job of covering inside or outside belt carry. The vest has a gun carry pocket inside the vest and conceals a shoulder carry rig very effectively.

Fox Creek Leather has a great web site that shows the leather clothing in graphic detail with lots of angles inside and outside the vest. Their selection for men’s vests are very nice but the selection for women’s vest clearly show that the owner Paul Trachy has too many women working for him as the women’s vest are truly beautiful designs and cuts; the most beautiful vests I have ever seen.

Don’t be put off by the fact that the company is aimed at the motorcycle rider, they offer quality leather clothing that would be great even if you don’t ride a motorcycle. The key thing to remember is to order in the long size and order a little larger chest size to compensate for the bulk of a handgun in the pocket carry.

Fox Creek Leather offers a lifetime guarantee on the quality and construction of the products they produce and as soon as you slip on one of their vests you will know that that is a tough long lasting quality vest, and great for concealed carry.

I have never really had much luck finding a simple, stylish, sturdy belt that could carry a hand gun day after day without being either too flimsy or looking like a utility belt until now. Fox Creek leather offers simple and attractive belts in Black, Brown and Tan that can do the job well. If you take four dimes and stack them up or take three quarters and stack them up, that is how thick the belts are. The designs are simple and sturdy. Give the belt section at Fox Creek leather a quick look if you are still trying to find the perfect belt for concealed carry.

More then a few times I have been on the range and realized that the slide on my handgun had taken a little bite out of the web of my right hand. I have several pairs of gloves that have the fingers exposed for manual dexterity. I decided to order a pair of gloves with the fingers exposed and Fox Creek had the gloves in deer skin which is much softer and thinner than gloves made with cow hide. The gloves are really worth considering if you want manual dexterity with good hand protection and solid grip. Nice gloves well worth consideration for a shooting glove.

For good quality leather concealed carry vests, belts and gloves as well as other accessories, at reasonable cost, please give Fox Creek Leather a visit at their web site and happy shopping.

Bill Oliver is a 58 year old retired forensic Psych. Tech. who worked 20 years at Atascadero state hospital and Pelican Bay State Prison in California and now works part time for the state of Colorado. He has a concealed weapons permit from Colorado and Utah. No discounts or other financial considerations involved with this product review.