Fox Creek Leather in New York City

Posted by terri4fcl on Nov 15th 2014

hloe Margulis is 18 years old, living in New York. Her father is a motorcycle enthusiast, her great grandpa Henry rode the Wall of Death in Coney Island, NY and her grandpa rode in the Philippines and New Guinea during WWII, dispatching payroll to the troops. After owning some jackets and vests from Fox Creek, Chloe’s dad decided to buy her one of Fox Creek Leather’s signature women’s leather jackets. Chloe fell in love with it, wearing it every day to college. The compliments about such an impeccably made leather jacket were never-ending. Chloe absolutely loved the jacket but was shocked by how many people in the NY area were donning faux leather jackets with poor design and functionality. Chloe wanted to change that.

One day in NYC, Chloe told her dad how cool it would be to photograph Fox Creek leather jackets and try to make them more popular among New Yorkers. They set out during a couple weekends into the heart of NYC and photographed the jacket in various urban settings. Chloe instagrammed pictures of the jacket and used the hashtags #foxcreekleather and #leathe

rjackets. Already, people from around the world, including prominent leather jacket designers in London were liking the pictures.

Chloe and her father continue to model and photograph the jackets, in hopes of make the exquisite products of Fox Creek more popular in the NY area.

Chloe Margulis started her first year in college as a sophomore. She enjoys reading, writing, playing violin, and photography. She is the author of 5 self-published novels, including one trilogy, and likes to compose music on her free time.