Fox Creek Leather from the Desert to the Sierras

Posted by Nikki King on May 11th 2021

Tucker & I ride a 2014 HD Sportster 1200. My husband has ridden in over a dozen different countries, most of which while wearing his beloved Fox Creek Leather jacket that is nearing 15 years old. I started riding about 5 years ago as something we could enjoy together. He introduced me to Fox Creek Leather when it came time for me to purchase gear and I cannot say enough how much I love my jacket! I have ridden across the desert in 120° heat, and across the Sierra's with snow all around in below freezing weather, all while wearing this jacket. It has protected me from the skin scorching sun & from a wicked sandstorm. I now wear it when we cruise around the island of Oahu.

Tucker started riding 5 years ago,, shortly after he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease & we lost our other pup, Laika, to cancer. Tucker loves the wind in his face, spending time with his humans, and especially all of the attention he gets anytime we stop. However he gets super embarrassed when he has to wear sunscreen. He probably needs a FCL jacket to match us, especially when winter hits & we transition to snowmobiles!