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Fox Creek Jacket Saved My Hide!

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Over the years I’ve logged around 100,000 miles on street bikes and have been fortunate enough to have never had a crash – until this week. And I’m happy to say that the Fox Creek Leather Classic I jacket that I bought 4 months ago truly saved me from serious road rash.

Classic I Jacket I bought my Classic I about 4 months ago. I’ve been in love with the jacket since the day I received it. I’ve worn it EVERY day since even in temps up into the 90’s where I’ve found the jacket to vent surprisingly well when underway. So far I’ve encountered temps down to 40 degrees F and have found it to be warm also. jeff

Two nights ago I was headed home at 1:00 AM on the freeway here in the San Diego area. There were almost NO cars on the road at all at this time. I was wearing my Fox Creek Classic I and also my Fox Creek elkskin gloves. As I cruised along on my Electra Glide at about 65 mph suddenly out of the blue I was SLAMMED HARD from the rear by a car I’d never seen coming. The impact was so violent I was stunned.

The next thing I knew I was flat on my back on the pavement skidding along feet-first at 65 mph. I recall propping myself up a bit on my forearms to try and look ahead of me to see where I was sliding. I could see a massive shower of sparks about 15 feet out in front of me – this was my bike skidding along on it’s side. After what seemed an eternity I came to a rest and immediately jumped up and dashed to the freeway shoulder to get out of the way of any approaching cars that might be coming along behind me. jktjeff

A witness who had been behind me stopped and told me what had happened. The car had passed by them at approx 85-90 mph and then a couple seconds later drifted into my lane and sideswiped me at my left saddle bag. The car never stopped and fled the scene. The Highway Patrol made a report, etc. I went to the hospital to be checked out and all I had was some minor road rash just above my pants belt from where the bottom of my jacket had ridden up a bit due to the direction I had been sliding on the pavement. glovesleevejeff

In looking at my gear I was impressed at how well my Fox Creek jacket and elkskin gloves had stood up to the punishment of this incident. Here in California the freeways are cement with longitudinal rain grooves cut into them about 1/4″ or so apart. This surface would have shredded me badly had I not been wearing the top quality leather that I was. The rash I did have was minor and not what I consider the fault of the jacket, however I shudder to imagine what the road rash would have been like had I not been geared up properly. The heavy supple leather of Fox Creek’s jacket and gloves truly saved me from a great deal of pain.

Thanks to all of you at Fox Creek!

Jeff Smith
San Diego, CA

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