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Posted by foxcreekleather on

One of the things that people really seem to like is having photos of us on the website. I’ve had customers say, “I’m looking at you right now! You are in the red, right?!” I want to say no because it is such a terrible photo.

Okay, quick funny story: A customer e-mailed once asking me which one I was. I told him that I was the one laying down in the front. (With much humor intended, we got a laugh out of that.)

Seriously, I really don’t look like I did before. Hopefully next year I will look even better (keep wishing in one hand).

We are working on getting an updated photo posted on the website itself, so bear with us. Until then, Tammy was nice enough to take some photos when she was photographing us for the upcoming contest.

So, for my Texan friend Gary, these are for you. Enjoy.

This was us then:
old large photo
(Back left to right: Paul, Chippy, Scarlett, Melinda, Bernie, Lisa. Front: Eddie with Cleo)

This is us now:
Use now bigger
(Back left to right: Tammy, Ashley, Melinda, Paul, Chippy, Kevin. Front: Scarlett)

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