Father's Day - Paul and his sons Pete and Seth

Jun 10th 2017

Pete and Seth started working on the road for Fox Creek Leather when Pete was seven and Seth was four. Working on the road meant sleeping in motels, vans, trucks, tents and stores in Daytona and Sturgis. Pete built Fox Creek Leather's first website and Seth is currently coordinating a comprehensive regeneration of Fox Creek Leather. Pete is a nurse in the emergency room at San Francisco General and Seth is a Jazz musician living in NYC.

The three of us in the middle of a 16 mile hike in Patagonia. We try to get together for a hiking vacation once a year. We just returned from Alaska where I got my ass kicked on a sometimes trailless hike that took us over steep rough terrain and ultimately through a tunnel in a glacier. I literally limped into the airport to get home. Pray for my knees.

Pete and Seth searching for treasure in the refuse of swap meet at the Atco Drag way in NJ.

Pete and Seth bringing rough cut white oak boards to me when I replaced the rotten porch on the cabin we first moved into on Fox creek. The cabin was built in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s.

1997-Pete and Seth with Paul before his hair started falling out!