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Nuttin’ But Leather

Nuttin’ But Leather started out like most other businesses…. a dream…. a day dream actually. Cruisin’ down highway 70 in St. Louis, MO on my ‘04 Heritage Classic. I think the clearest with the road under my feet, and that day was no different. For awhile I had been thinking about starting a business but never put forth any real effort. Then, on that beautiful day in April I realized I needed to do something… but what? I did have some website building experience, but what to sell? Leather… it had to be leather. So I researched and found that there was a demand for many types of good quality leather products (and I knew I wouldn’t want to compete with Paul and Co. at Fox Creek Leather). So, I began selling leather products like briefcases and backpacks… luggage and totebags… padfolios and gifts too.

After learning a few things about marketing an internet website, which we’re improving all of the time, we are making our dream come true. Life is too short not to live out YOUR version of the dream. It’s waiting for you, but YOU have to get it. One of my favorite quotes is from a movie titled “Boondock Saints” (great movie). It goes “Do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith to go as far as needed”. It’s your dream, do you?

Ron LaBeau
Nuttin’ But Leather

Customized Motorcycle Riding Apparel and More Available From Ace High Leathers

Ace High Leathers specializes in customizing motorcycle riding apparel and motorcycle seats, saddlebags and tank bibs. Since March 2006, the company has been providing exciting alternatives and alterations to standard, off –the-shelf gear, which is capturing the attention of the riding community.

Ace High Leathers offers several product customization groups. Custom products include tank bibs, handlebar purses, boot stirrups, beaded conchos, custom chaps, western riding “chinks” and more. Customized upholstery items range from seats to backrests. Personalized themes for jackets, vests, and chaps are offered, as well as matching sets.

Nanci Rogers
Ace High Leather



Motorcycle Touring Made Easy

Motorcycle touring has been something my wife Judy and I have loved doing for quite some time now. We’ve been touring since 2001 and are heavily involved with the Gold Wing Road Rider’s Association. A recent trip to the Rocky Mountains spawned us to help others enjoy motorcycle touring as we do. From that we created, a website designed for those looking for information and resources about motorcycle touring. We’ve been up and running since October of 2007 and have been expanding the site every moment we can. The site is filled with information to get you started planning and setting up your motorcycle trip. The future of our site will include Local Area Reports, Rider Profiles, Dream Rides, B&B Listing and Product Reviews.
With our love for motorcycling, a bike and trailer ready to go when the itch get to be too much to bare you can bet we’ll be out on the road making more friends and finding more areas to ride. We encourage others to stop by and brag about their favorite trip, best places to stay or a good fireside story. We want to make this a site for you, the motorcycle touring enthusiast. Stop on by, we would love to hear from you. We hope to see you all out on the road somewhere.
Mike & Judy DeGeiso
Motorcycle Touring Made Easy


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