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Almost There…

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Well, we’ve come a long way from the restaurant at the old Black Rock motel. Renovations are nearly complete, and we expect to move into the new digs by the end of the month. I’ll tell ya — I’m about ready!


Since November, I’ve been here alone except for Rhudy and Trudy and the construction crew. Since I’m separated from the construction by a couple walls, I don’t get to talk with them very often. (Besides, do you know how hard it is to talk over a table saw or hammer?)

Rhudy and Trudy sorta keep to themselves – probably because someone has already talked their heads off… literally. They are my male and female mannequin buddies. Very patient models, can hold a pose for ages, but can’t follow instructions very well. And not at all talkative.

In other words, I’ll be glad to have someone to talk to other than myself!

These pictures show a little of the progress… the ‘Before’ picture was taken last fall and the ‘During’ picture was taken last week. In the next newsletter, I hope I can give you a peek inside our new building and provide you with an ‘After’ photo so you can see our new place all gussied up.

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