About your Fox Creek Leather Garments

Posted by foxcreekleather on Jun 22nd 2006

Leather garments are the main part of a motorcyclists’ wardrobe for many reasons. Most bikers want to have the classic, “cool” look that the celebrities of the 50’s had.  Others wear them to match the group, to protect them, to keep themselves warm, and the list goes on. Regardless of the reason, leather jackets and garments have become a must in almost every closet in America whether the person is a motorcyclist or not.

Not only are Fox Creek Leather jackets fashionable, they are functional and were made to be worn and used by bikers. These leathers may be a little too heavy if worn to a night club. For bikers, it is important to have these heavy, high quality leathers due to the fact that it may be the only barrier between their skin and the road.

A good, quality leather garment will protect your skin from road rash in the event of a fall. Leather riding garments such as leather jackets, leather vests, leather chaps, and leather gloves have saved lives and should be considered a necessity when riding. In fact, wearing a quality leather garment can increase your survival rate by 20% verses wearing just jeans. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends wearing leather garments to all Safety Course students.

Once you get your gear, it is important to care for the leathers properly to prolong the life of your leather garments. Always hang leather garments on wide or padded hangers to maintain their shape. Try our Fox Creek Leather Garment Hangers. The wrinkles in your leather should come out while hanging on the hanger. We don’t recommend ironing or steaming your leathers.

When storing, do not store in dry cleaner bags, plastic bags, or non-breathable containers. Also, try to avoid very humid and dry environments as well as direct sunlight. This will shorten the life expectancy of your garment.Allow wet or damp leather garments to air-dry naturally away from any heat source. Wipe winter road salts from your leather with a damp sponge and dry. Avoid extreme heat or humidity that may damage the skin’s natural oils. Remember that excessive dryness will cause cracking and excessive moisture will cause mildew.

We recommend treating your leathers with the Montana Pitch Blend Products to restore flexibility and proper moisture levels. We don’t recommend the use of waxes, silicone products or any other leather preparations that would impair the leather garment’s ability to breathe. Seek out a professional leather care specialist when the garment becomes badly worn or soiled.