A 40 Year Love Story

Posted by Kevin Dill on Feb 1st 2018

Marilyn and I met in 1977. Our first date was to a movie; the original release of Star Wars. I drove her in my 1968 Chevelle Malibu SS, because she hadn't yet been introduced to a motorcycle...and because both of us had nice hair! We eventually got engaged, and then married in 1978. We've been together since then.

I owned a Honda CB750 in those days and we rode it all over our region. When we moved to a farm we sold the motorcycle and used the money to buy an angus bull. It's true. Life took over and so did careers, a daughter, college, a farm, and our business. No more riding until 2017 when we both decided it was time to do something we'd put aside far too long. Together we shopped and evaluated bikes until we purchased a new 2017 Ultra Limited from our Harley dealer. We went from no riding for over 35 years to putting about 3,000 miles on our new ride last summer. This summer we hope for many more miles and scenic roads. Part of the enjoyment has been customizing the big bagger, as well as customizing our personal gear. Marilyn has not and does not ride on her own. We ride together always.

Backing up a few decades: My first two wheels with a motor was a Rupp Roadster Minibike in 1970. I followed that up with a Honda SL175 which carried me everywhere as a teenager. Next came the Honda CB750, and many years later our dream realized...the FLHTK Limited. So it is 47 years minus a 35 year hiatus. Pretty amazing.

Part of our dream was to someday own full sets of leather for riding. That's what led us to find Fox Creek Leather and make the drive down. We walked in with curiosity, but we left with total confidence. What a superb experience. We both just want to say thanks...thank you for helping us make our dream a reality. We love our FCL leathers. Many miles in them await.

All our best,

Kevin & Marilyn Dill (aka the Dillbillies)