Adjustable Side Detail

Adjustable sides maximize a jacket's versatility. The jacket can be let out in the winter to accommodate a sweater or cinched in during the summer when you only wear a t-shirt.

Laced sides detail.

Vented Racing Jacket Laced Side Detail

Laced Sides provide maximum flexibility. The entire girth of the jacket, from your mid-section to your waist, can be adjusted using laced sides. In addition they can be adjusted variably, for example, wider at the top but narrower at the bottom.

Snap side detail.

Vented Racing Jacket Snap Side Detail

Snap side detail.

Grayson Jacket Snap Side Detail

Snap Sides are quicker to adjust and not as bulky. However, they only tighten the waist of the jacket, and limited in the range of adjustment as the snaps can only be undone, on the first snap or on the second snap. Adjustable snap sides can vary - pictured above is the Vented Racing Jacket and Grayson Jacket options for comparison.

Elastic side detail.

Elastic Side Detail

Elastic Expansions maintain a snug, comfortable fit without having to manually adjust the fit of your jacket. Our elastic expansions are constructed from elastic fabric sewn to a matching leather top.

Zipper side detail.

Zipper Side Detail

Zippered Sides can be adjusted quickly and can alleviate the snugness while in the seated position.