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The Kingsville Chapter of the GYPSY Motorcycle Club International is hosting a three day run in Alice Texas April 17, 18 and 19th 2009. This is the first three day run in memory of Juan Zavala III. The run is called the JIIIZ Memorial Run. Proceeds from this run are to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. More Information about our Chapter can be found on our website at

The Gypsy motorcycle club was born in 1932 when a group of friends would get together and do some serious riding through the hills of Maryville, Tennessee. As this group of daring young men grew they took on the name of Gypsies and formed a club, with the first president being Lee Simerly. As this club grew larger and began to ride more and more they were called “The Sour Pickles of Society” by those who did not understand them. This is where the idea for the pickle patch came about and is still proudly worn on the back of all Gypsies today. In 1948 Lee’s brother Chuck took over as president and in 1960 Lee’s son Jack became president. Jack Simerly known as “Papa Jack” moved to Aransas Pass, Texas in 1966, Papa Jack decided to reorganize the Gypsy M/C with the main aim in mind to build a good image of bikers in the public eye. In 1973, the Gypsy M/C became National and International, by forming chapters in Oklahoma and Mexico. Now there are chapters in Germany, Louisiana and Kansas as well as Texas with over 60 plus chapters and 1500 plus members. Although, Lee Simerly and his wife Estella who is our Queen Gypsy, and Papa Jack and his wife Jaynie, have passed from this world, their legacy lives on. Jim “hap “ Simerly, who is “Papa Jacks” brother is now president of Gypsy M/C International. We at Gypsy M/C will follow his lead in promoting family values and safe motorcycling where ever we go. We are a proud group of motorcyclists and have a right to be proud.

The Kingsville Chapter was established back in the 80’s and disbanded in the early 90’s. Since then The Kingsville Chapter was re-Chartered in December 9, 2006.  Since the Opening, the membership has been riding to many events within the area to San Antonio, Boerne, New Mexico, Mexico and other smaller towns in our area. The Club continues to grow and reestablish itself within the community by participating in different events benefiting the local community.

Juan Zavala III was a GYPSY from back in the 80’s. He was the last president of the Kingsville Chapter until he was made International Ambassador to Mexico. He had several chapters in Mexico that he was responsible for and visited on a regular basis. Juan’s road name was Animal and later was changed to JIIIZ (pronounced J3Z).

JIIIZ was diagnosed with Cancer back in 1999 with a very grim prognosis. He stayed with us for another 3 years and spent most of his time with family. During these years JIIIZ and his family were very involved with the American Cancer Society’s relay for Life in Kleberg County. After his passing the family continued the tradition and still are actively involved. JIIIZ was very well respected in the GYPSY community and his memorial service brought over 300 friends and bikers from all over Texas and Mexico.
The three day memorial run will be held at the Alice, Texas Knights of Columbus Patio. There will be live music, fun and games, Food, Poker Run and the usual refreshments.

For complete details on the event visit out website at

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