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Sunglasses & Goggles

Shannon Caldwell in our Motorcycle Jacket with her husband.

Perfect fit, great style, and the quality of the leather was the best I've ever seen!

- Shannon Caldwell

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Global Vision® Sunglasses (imported)

Global Vision® Sunglasses on Sale (available while supplies last)

TNT Sunglasses

$12.00 Sale! $9.60

Chicago Sunglasses

$16.00 Sale! $14.40

LTD Sunglasses

$20.00 Sale! $18.00

Freedom 24 Safety Glasses

$70.00 Sale! $63.00

Vantage Polarized Safety Glasses

$45.00 Sale! $40.50

Global Vision® Goggles (imported)



Flare Goggles


Global Vision® Goggles on Sale (available while supplies last)

Wind Pro 3000 Goggles

$13.00 Sale! $11.70

Air Jacket Goggles

$13.00 Sale! $11.70

Eliminator CF Goggles

$15.00 Sale! $13.50

Windshield Goggles

$20.00 Sale! $18.00

Big Ben Goggles

$28.00 Sale! $25.20

Gatorz® Precision Eyewear on Sale (available while supplies last)

Gatorz® Element Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Boxter Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Radiator Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Wraptor Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Magnum Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Octane Sunglasses

$139.00 Sale! $125.10

Gatorz® Velocity Sunglasses

$159.00 Sale! $143.10

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Leather Glasses Case

Protect your sunglasses with our leather glasses case!

Leather Glasses Case

Leather Glasses Case

Gift Bag Sets - 10% off

Purchase these items as a gift set and save 10% off the regular price of each item.

Gift Bag Set
Men's Small Gift Set

starting at $60

Classic Motorcycle Jacket II

"One jacket for changing conditions" - H. Cozine

Classic IIClassic Motorcycle Jacket II
starting at $462

Leather Motorcycle Chaps

When they wear out, I'll order another pair. - L. Zumbro

Leather Motorcycle ChapsMotorcycle Chaps